Reza Khorshidi

I lead the Machine Learning and Biomedical Informatics program at the Deep Medicine programme, The University of Oxford (part of Oxford Martin School) and am the Head of Quantitative Analytics, EMEA and Special Projects Lab with AIG. I also holds an adjunct fellowship with The University of Oxford's Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB), and am a principal scientist with the Human Connectome Project (an ambitious attempt to pinpoint the brain’s information-processing principals/networks). I received my DPhil in computational neuroscience and machine learning from The University of Oxford (Linacre College) in 2010 - supervised by professors Stephen Smith and Thomas Nichols.
My research interests include:
  • Biomedical informatics (e.g., neuroinformatics and medical imaging)
  • Healthcare (e.g., technology-enabled delivery of care, and decision-support systems)
  • Machine learning (e.g., deep learning, representation learning, Bayesian statistics, computer vision, and network inference)
  • Big data technologies (Spark and high-performance computing platforms) in finance and biomedicine

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